In the landscape of compact cars, the 2024 Mitsubishi Mirage emerges as an economical yet feature-rich contender. Often overlooked because Mitsubishi does not spend gobs of cash on TV commercials or magazine ads—Mitsubishi has been quietly making vehicles with the same fit and finish and longevity as Toyota, Honda, Subaru and Nissan. Like some competitors, it has cut down its car offerings of late; they eliminated the Lancer compact sedan and the enthusiast-favorite Lancer Evolution, better known as the Mitsubishi Evo and put all their efforts into the SUV offerings. The sole remaining car is the Mirage hatchback and the sedan.

While not designed for high-speed pursuits, the Mirage excels in urban environments and daily commuting. Its lightweight design and compact dimensions facilitate easy maneuvering in crowded city streets ideal for tight parking spaces and urban navigation.. The base model houses a small but efficient engine. Mitsubishi has historically focused on lightweight construction for the Mirage, contributing to its impressive fuel efficiency. Drivers can expect fuel efficiency figures to hover around the mid to high 30s in miles per gallon (MPG), making it an ideal choice for urban commuting and long-distance journeys alike.

Mitsubishi has traditionally tuned the Mirage for responsive and nimble handling. The 2024 model continues this trend, making it an agile and easy-to-handle vehicle. Precise steering and a small turning radius contribute to the Mirage’s reputation as a city-friendly car, ideal for tight parking spaces and urban navigation.

2024 Mitsubishi Mirage
Compact dimensions facilitate easy maneuvering in crowded city streets

Starting around $17,950, the Mirage is most appealing in its entry-level ES configuration. Progressing to higher trims positions the hatchback against competitors offering more advanced features at comparable prices. While the ES trim is the most budget-friendly entry point to the Mirage, it doesn’t compromise on essentials. This trim is adequately equipped for its segment, boasting standard features such as cruise control, compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and an automatic climate control system. Before you pull the trigger and take one of these home, do your homework because there are a few competitors in the segment that are more than worthy of a look.

Competitors in the Segment:

  1. Honda Fit:
    • Pricing: Starting at around $16,000.
    • MPG: Approximately 33 city / 40 highway.
    • Notes: The Honda Fit is known for its versatile interior and Honda’s reputation for reliability.
  2. Toyota Yaris:
    • Pricing: Beginning at approximately $17,500.
    • MPG: Approximately 32 city / 40 highway.
    • Notes: The Yaris offers a balanced blend of fuel efficiency and Toyota’s renowned build quality.
  3. Ford Fiesta:
    • Pricing: Starting at about $15,500.
    • MPG: Around 27 city / 35 highway.
    • Notes: The Fiesta boasts a stylish design and is known for its engaging driving dynamics.

The 2024 Mirage continues its legacy as an efficient and affordable compact car.  In today’s day and age, where can you get a car for less than $20K? While its not a speed demon, the little 3 banger equipped with the efficient but whiny continuously variable automatic transmission can get you up to speed and merge onto the highway in no time. With gas prices on the rise, the Mirage makes a great commuter car or first car for your son or daughter. As you weigh the options in the compact car market, the Mirage stands out as an economical choice without compromising too many essential features.

Photos: Mitsubishi

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