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Defining a classic car is somewhat difficult because it depends a bit on who you ask. A classic car is usually an older car, is well-maintained or restored vehicles that fall between the 20- and 40-year-old age bracket. Antique, vintage, and classic cars have subtle but important differences

Muscle cars rule the roost in on the Classic Car world—you can sit there for hours, watching middle-aged guys in polo shirts bid ridiculous money on muscle cars on the many cable channels that broadcast collector-car auctions almost every day. The concept of a muscle car largely stems from hot rod and drag racing culture, with the basic premise being to take a small, relatively lightweight car, cramming in an oversized engine, and then fortifying the thing with upgraded brakes and suspension.

Auto Truck Review features the all kinds of classics, antiques and collectible cars and trucks from Ford, Dodge, Chevy and GMC and more. You can read classic car news, reviews, with commentary

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