Classic Cars


Defining a classic car is somewhat difficult because it depends a bit on who you ask. A classic car is usually an older car, is well-maintained or restored vehicles that fall between the 20- and 40-year-old age bracket. Antique, vintage, and classic cars have subtle but important differences

Muscle cars rule the roost in on the Classic Car world—you can sit there for hours, watching middle-aged guys in polo shirts bid ridiculous money on muscle cars on the many cable channels that broadcast collector-car auctions almost every day. The concept of a muscle car largely stems from hot rod and drag racing culture, with the basic premise being to take a small, relatively lightweight car, cramming in an oversized engine, and then fortifying the thing with upgraded brakes and suspension.

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Flashback; The Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R

Flashback—The Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R

The Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R was indeed a stormer, running to 60 mph in a Vette-killing 4.5 seconds, and the quarter mile in 12.9 seconds at 110 mph. The real strength of the Cobra R was around the race track, which is indicated by its Viper-challenging 1.01g on the skidpad
2nd Generation Ford SVT Lightning

A Look Back At The 2nd Generation F-150 Lightning

The SVT Lightning was an excellent performance value with a base price right around $32,000. It was far ahead of its time, and paved the way for all of the hot rod trucks we have today.
Classic Car Buying

Top Five Reasons to Buy a Classic Car

When you are cruising down the road, you invariably see some cool classic cars, and if you are anything like me you may feel the urge to get one
Dodge Barracuda

Dodge Barracuda: Rumor or Next Muscle Car?

The new Dodge Barracuda is a great mystery lots of speculation surrounding, hopefully it will be made to resemble the famed 1970 version.
The History of The Hummer

The History of The Hummer: From Battlefield Brawler To Eco Warrior

At one time, the Hummer was the ultimate American automobile. It was big, brash, and you didn't care about the gas mileage—Arnold Schwarzenegger had one. The Army had thousands.
The Dodge Dakota R/T

Cheap Thrills: The Dodge Dakota R/T

Dodge Dakota R/T was designed to burn rubber and raise hell with a torque-happy 5.9L V8 and it does that brilliantly.
Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4

A Look Back At The Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4

The Mitsubishi 3000GT VR had it all, AWD, twin-turbo V6, huge Ikea desk sized rear wing, 320 hp, which was a whole lot of power in its day. It was a fierce competitor in almost every comparison it appeared
Look back At The VW Thing

A Look back At The VW Thing

The VW Thing with it's zany styling and totally unique look is an all in all perfect car to collect with a cult-like following
Acura NSX

A Look Back At The Iconic Acura NSX

The first gen Acura NSX was an exotic car package that offered everything, accelerating, turning, braking, steering, and shifting. Few cars are as underappreciated as the legendary Acura NSX, but with a little more insight, we might just be able to appreciate the NSX and give it the credit it is due.
Isuzu Impulse

The Isuzu Impulse, One of the Most Iconic Sports Coupes That...

The Isuzu Impulse featured a Lotus tuned suspension, turbo-2.0L, slick styling and funk-tastic wheels making it way cooler than most and on par with the Toyota Celica and Honda Prelude