INTERNATIONAL CV SERIES—When is a truck not a truck? Sounds a bit too philosophical for an automotive sales magazine? Well don’t worry we won’t make you think too hard. For some, a truck is just that — a vehicle, sometimes a second or third vehicle that has its place in the hierarchy of the owners garage. But to others, specifically budding businessmen and women, a truck is far more than that, which is why International has brought us the CV Series of trucks.

International is known for its world-beating semis, but some people forget, they make great light and medium duty trucks too. The CV Series begins with a simple yet intelligent high strength steel straight frame that has zero rivets to interfere with whatever body you choose for your profession. There are also optional exhaust locations and several wheelbase options measuring from 141-243 inches, to further personalize your truck. But no matter what your line of duty, odds are you don’t want your teeth fillings to be rattled out by a substandard suspension, which is why the air ride rear suspension offers not only a much more comfortable ride, but is also heigh adjustable to help you fit into those tight job sites.

As with most semis and Corvettes, the front tilt hood comes in handy for routine maintenance as opposed to the often frustrating front-open style. Underneath that hood is a monstrous 6.6-liter turbocharged diesel that produces a serious 350-horsepower at 2,700 RPM and more importantly, a massive 700 lb-ft of torque at an incredibly low 1600 RPM, so you can tow/haul/carry just about anything this side of a freight train. All that power is then funneled through a venerable Allison 6-speed transmission and then on to your choice of either two or four wheel drive. If you go with the 4×4 version, you will be privy to a segment-only gear driven transfer case, which means there are no chains that will be susceptible to snapping at the worst possibly moment.

International adds in little touches that might go overlooked at first, but will be appreciated figuratively, and literally down the road. Four-inch bumper extensions are available to help even better protect your investment from serious damage, while the no-tools-needed ability to replace the headlight bulbs quickly and easily. The high grip steps are self cleaning, and the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank refill is located on the opposite side of the fuel tank, so as not to inadvertently mix up which goes where after a long day. Also noteworthy is the integrated hood safety latch that will keep your fingers from getting crushed by an unsuspecting strong wind, and the folding side mirrors sport LED lights to help see your cargo even at night. There is also a 40-gallon after-frame fuel tank and 25-gallon saddle tank to make sure you will get where you need to go and back, and if that’s not enough, there’s an option to double up on those tanks for even more insurance.

With a GVWR of up to 23,500 pounds, this truck is meant for serious work, and that level of effort requires some serious braking. Thankfully, the CV Series has commercial grade braking to match its professional demeanor with its Hydromax Braking System that sports a Bosch Split system with traction control and four channel ABS.

Inside, the CV Series will never be confused with a Bentley, but let’s see your Bentley carry a few thousand pounds of gear while towing a trailer. The cloth seats are easy to clean and offer three-across space. The center seat back can be lowered to be used as an arm rest or beverage holder. There is extra storage under the seat bottom cushions, while triple sealed doors keep road noise out, and thanks to being the first International to sport Apple CarPlay and Android Auto through its optional 8-inch color touch screen infotainment system, you can keep listen to your favorite music or podcasts with minimal effort.

So when is a truck not a truck? Well, when its your office, your career and your professional life. For some a truck is just a toy, and the CV Series is not for them. International understands that budding businesses need to have as few foreseeable problems as possible, because there will always been a myriad of unforeseen ones coming their way. Thankfully, with the new CV Series, that truck problem just got solved.




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