In a world where it feels like everything is constantly changing in every way possible: eggs are good, no eggs are bad. Football is amazing, oh, actually, football is awful and deadly. Fat is good, wait, fat is bad. Apple is a great company, Apple is going to be the mother of Skynet. Facebook is fun, oh wait, Facebook is spying on me an all my ‘friends’. Sometimes, it’s nice when things just kinda … stay the way they are, especially if the way they are, is good. This leads us to the 2019 Audi A6.

You see, for 2019, Audi didn’t radically change much of anything in the A6, just some mild sprucing up, and that’s just fine by us. Starting with the exterior, the A6 still looks like a clone of the A7 from the front but does make its identity known once you get around to the rear. It may even be confused for a four-door A7 occasionally, but one look at the profile roofline, and that notion will quickly fade out of sight. The upgraded-but-not-crazy-different theme continues inside with all the requisite Audi brushed aluminum and modern yet soft interior pieces. The highlight for the driver being the new MMI system that sports a 10.1-inch infotainment touchscreen high on the mid-dash, and just below it resides yet another 8.6-inch touchscreen for all of the HVAC controls. One neat trick is that this screen can input texts that are finger drawn. Funny how the future is here and full of change, yet we want to go back to the days when finger paint was our main method of communication … interesting. Perhaps the more we change, the more we stay the same after all. One more fun interior features are Audi’s more recent trademark of sorts — the Virtual Cockpit. This version shows off a 12.3-inch color display that has all the standard gauge readouts as well as a heads-up display.

The A6 is and will only be powered by a very stout 3.0-liter DOHC 24-valve turbocharged V6 that puts down a healthy 340 horsepower and equally impressive 369 pound-feet of torque. There will also be a 48-volt hybrid system that comes from an electric motor/generator mounted to the serpentine belt which, combined with some regenerative braking tech, will allow the A6 to shut down the gas engine between 34 and 99 mph to help keep emissions and fuel economy where they are most helpful. That power is routed through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and finally out to either all four wheels, or to only the front wheels, depending on what Audi’s most recent iteration of Quattro wants to do at any given time — the latter of the two to help improve fuel economy when the system decides AWD is not necessarily needed. That power is stymied somewhat by the A6’s moderate heft, tipping the scales at nearly 4,000 pounds. But thanks to that sneaky Quattro, there is no wasted energy coming off the line as evidenced by an impressive 5.3 second run from 0-60 mph. Fuel mileage has yet to be confirmed, but we expect it to match and more than likely best the outgoing model’s 25/34 city/highway mpg.

The A6 comes with all of the latest and greatest driving aids and nannies. Adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance, and even a quirky app that allows you to move your A6 from a parking space or garage using … your cell phone. For better or worse, depending on your viewpoint, there is no autonomous driving option like you can find on some higher end Audi models.

The best part of the A6 that the thing that the base price remains essentially unchanged at $49,000. So while the 2019 Audi A6 may not be a whirlwind of monumental automotive change, we have to say that we are just fine with that. A little consistency in a very inconsistent world is a good thing. Now if we could just get an answer on those damn eggs …

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