We have to admit when we’re wrong. It’s not easy, but it does happen. When the BMW decided to take a foray into the world of SUVs in 1999, we had a good chuckle. We instantly had flashbacks of the abject failure that was the Lamborghini LM002 a decade earlier. BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine, is making a truck? Who’s next Porsche? Whoops. Messed up there too. The X5 went on to become one of the standards in the luxury SUV market and also proved its mettle off-road as well. So yeah, we were wrong.

But if we are, then so are a lot of you too. There is a saying that “less is more”, and quite frankly, that may be true in some cases, but in a lot, if not, most others, that’s kind of nonsense. Clever marketing tries to get us to buy into that concept, mostly because then they can get away with actually giving us less, but making us believe we’re somehow benefiting from it using some useless old adage. Landry detergent is now sold in bottles half the size of what they used to be. The same goes for pre-workout powders, and dish soap too. But cars often get this same mantra attached to it. Mini Coopers, SmartCars, and the entire subcompact market for that matter. But sometimes, more is more. And once again, BMW is on a mission to make believers out of all of us with the X7.

The X7 is simply put, the biggest BMW ever to be produced. With a wheelbase of 122.2 inches, it is a full 9-inches longer than the X5 and weighs in at a Godzilic 5,300 pounds. But then, that’s what a true seven passenger SUV will tip the scales at. But this is far from you father’s Suburban. The air suspension (which can raise up to 1.6 inches) keeps the ride incredibly smooth despite the sometimes annoying jarring effect the 22-inch wheels can have and will have you wondering just how you ended up going so fast. The X7 feels smaller than it it, until you have the entire family and the dog climb in. The front of the cabin is pure BMW, with a large infotainment screen, and plush leather just about everywhere. The second row of seats can either be a standard three-across setup or you can opt for two captains chairs, which move with power adjustments, not the old second-class citizen manual controls of yesteryear. The third row offers plenty of room, despite being located in a different zip code from the driver.

The X7 may be gigantic, but this odds are you’re going to humiliate at least one punk kid in a Civic off a light. At first glance, seeing that a truck that weighs nearly three tons is being powered by a six cylinder engine that doesn’t run on diesel seems like a recipe for performance disaster. But BMW has made quite a mark for itself with its turbocharged inline-six cylinder motor. And the one that powers the base X7 produces a seemingly underrated 335-horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. That power is routed through an 8-speed automatic transmission on its way to all four wheels.

Somehow that power multiplication equates to a stunning 0-60 mph time of just 5.4 seconds and a quarter mile time of just 14.1 seconds at 97.4 mph. That’s not just fast for a big truck, that’s just fast. And the X7 doesn’t just go, it can stop too. 60-0 mph takes only 105 feet. Those performance numbers are about on par or better than your average C4 Corvette. The X7 does show a little of its mass around the skidpad — posting a 0.84g, but even that number is impressive considering its size. And to put an exclamation point on everything, that same turbo-six helps this behemoth somehow eek out a solid 20/25/22 city/highway/combined mpg.

The X7 comes equipped with all the standard BMW safety nannies like lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, front and rear collision warnings and more airbags than an Impala in a Snoop Dogg video. Of course, all this tech costs money, but with a starting price of $65,000, that isn’t a huge ask. But, as with most Bimmers, the price can quickly become as big as the X7 itself, and clear six figures fairly easily. But for a truck that can handle just about any weather condition, transport a small army, beat a Subaru BRZ off the line, and get better gas mileage than most compact pickup trucks, the BMW X7 may actually be something of a bargain. So maybe we were wrong again, but there is no denying that with the X7, it seems like more is actually somehow more after all.