THE CADILLAC CT5 SEDAN — Today’s world is vastly different from the one some of us remember as kids. Everything is faster, newer, on demand, and constantly changing. We used to have to go to giant publicly funded buildings filled with books, senior citizens, and employees that were far too obsessed, and took far too much joy, in policing the volume of anyone’s conversation. We also used to have compact discs and before that cassette tapes that, if you were lucky, had around a dozen songs on each one. Our favorite TV shows came out once a week, and a season was typically once a year, and then yes, we had to wait for a while to see it again.

Now however, information is on tap, and we don’t even have to look it up ourselves — our robots do it for us. And instead of having twelve songs on a disc, we can have twelve successful artist’s entire musical careers on our phones. And we also have hundreds of movies at our fingertips, ready to take anywhere, any time. Everything is changing constantly at lighting speed. It feels as if those afflicted with ADHD are actually just blessed to be able to keep up with the speed of things now. And it should be no surprise that the automotive world is no different. Whereas car companies used to have a couple models that they would keep around forever, now, just like everything else, it is changing.

Cadillac will be eighty-sixing the ATS and CTS after the 2019 model year and introducing us to the brand new 2020 Cadillac CT5. Clearly not seeing a need to keep both, the CT5 takes what we liked about ATS and CTS and distills it all down into one very potent and comfy package. Starting with the new take on atheistic appeal, the CT5 shows off a more aggressive nature to the eye. The stance is wider, the fastback look is meaner, the profile lines are cleaner, and the front grille is a blacked out mesh style that looks like it would be at home on any V model in Caddy’s lineup.

The interior of the Cadillac CT5 will feature improved seats with plush leather (it is still a Cadillac after all) along with a much more genuine wood trim than in previous models that sported a bit more faux than even a pro wrestler would be comfortable with. There will be an evolutionary version of Caddy’s current infotainment system known as CUE, and will be controlled by a BMW-esq center console rotary control knob.

Two trim choices are expected. Drivers will get to choose between either a Luxury trim, which will include options like forward collision alert and automatic emergency braking, a ten inch infotainment HD touch screen, and Active Noise Cancellation. The Luxury trim will be powered by a 2.0-liter DOHC turbocharged inline four cylinder engine that produces an impressive 268-horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. The other option will be Sport trim that will, well, sport … 18-way adjustable seats that will be heavily bolstered, presumably for spirited driving. A carbon fiber accentuated interior, wireless charging, a performance steering wheel replete with paddle shifters, rear park assist, lane change alert with blind zone warning and rear cross traffic alert, as well as very useful Brembo front brakes and trim-specific fascias, rocker panels and spoiler to help differentiate it from its softer siblings. The Sport trim on the Cadillac CT5 will be powered by a very serious, dare we say, almost V-level of power 3.0-liter DOHC twin-turbocharged V6 that puts down an intense 404-horsepower and equally impressive 400 lb-ft of torque.

Either engine will be mated to the same GM ten-speed automatic transmission. Technically, there will also be a third trim called Premium Luxury, but essentially it just adds a LED lighting, rear park assist, memory seats, wireless charging and auto-dimming mirrors — so maybe there is more like 2.5 trim levels to choose from. The Alpha architecture the CT5 is based on is inherently rear-wheel drive biased, but there will be an all-wheel drive option for both trims. It seems that Caddy has been paying attention to BMW’s xDrive success, and wants a piece of that marketshare.

Specific pricing isn’t out yet, but it’s probably a safe bet to expect the Cadillac CT5 to start in the mid-40k range and climb up to just shy of 60 large for a fully decked out model with AWD. And while we will miss the successful CTS and ATS, it looks like the CT5 is coming in with some attitude and a goal to further change Cadillac’s image from a sleepy-old person car to a sporty, hip luxury hot rod that can change as fast as it can drive. And that ability to change is a good thing, because no one wants to wait around for anything any more, so we hope Cadillac will continue to embrace its inner iPod and let the Walkman era fade away. In fact, we are already starting to hope and wonder if the next change will be spelled with a “V”. We supposed we’ll have to wait and see … just not too long.

Cadillac CT5’s Super Cruise technology will be available in calendar year 2020 on select models.

Cadillac CT5 Sedan

Cadillac CT5 Sedan
The CT5 Premium Luxury showcases Cadillac’s unique expertise in crafting American performance sedans, with details designed to elevate every drive.