2022 Ford F-350 Limited — When it comes to the mainstream truck market, choosing what truck you are going to drive is a lot like choosing your favorite sports team. Sometimes you’re born into a family of Giants or Yankees fans, just like you might be born into a Ford family, because that’s what your father drove, and his father before him. When it comes to trucks, there is so much extreme competition that in terms of performance, there is almost no difference between the big three or four companies flagship pickups. Odds are if you’re a Chevy guy, you’re probably going to stay a Chevy guy, and if you’re a Ford guy, odds are you’re going to stay a Chevy guy. But that shouldn’t let you see a truck like the 2022 Ford F-350 Limited and not be impressed.

The Limited Edition is the top trim when it comes to the F-350, and although it comes at a cost, it’s hard to argue that you don’t get everything that you pay for. Starting with a massive 6.7-liter turbo-diesel V8 that clearly adopts the idea that ‘too much is never enough’ as its central mantra. Producing a crazy 475-horsepower at 2,600 rpm and an absolutely ridiculous 1,050 pound-feet at 1,600 rpm, the 2022 Ford F-350 Limited is ready to tow anything this side of a 767 Airbus. That stupid power is routed through Ford’s equally powerful 10-speed automatic on its way to al-four corners where seventeen-inch aluminum wheels that are shod in LT245/75SR-17 rubber. That power adds up to a maximum towing capacity of a staggering 21,200 pounds. Of course if you sign up for the fifth-wheel and the gooseneck hitch, that diesel engine can haul an insane 37,000 pounds.

If you splurge and opt for the more-than-worth-it FX4 Off-Road Package, you will get some pretty cool additions like Hill Descent Control, off-road shocks, and skid plates fro both the transfer case and fuel tank. A fuel tank, which by the way, holds 48 gallons of fuel. And while the FX4 is optional, there are plenty of standard issue features that are extremely useful. In terms of safety, you get things like a back-up camera, Cross-Traffic Alert, a rear parking aid, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, Lane-Keeping Assist, brake assist, stability and traction control, as well as tire pressure monitors all standard.

While the 2022 Ford F-350 Limited is a rough, tough Silverado-fighter on the outside, on the inside you get treated to a plush and inviting interior that is centered around a new 12-inch infotainment touchscreen. Beyond that, you get a standard navigation system, heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, climate control, a WiFi Hotspot, remote start, and a moonroof all standard issue. Ford’s new SYNC4 works well with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to keep everyone entertained.

The F-350 Limited is the top of the line, and top of the line in the full-sized pickup market isn’t cheap. With an MSRP of $88,020, it more than doubles the entry price of the base F-350, but you do get a seriously more potent machine. When it comes to trucks like this, it again is reminiscent of choosing and rooting for your favorite sports team. You can have a Chevy guy telling you every possible reason why their team is better than yours, and for all intents and purposes it has the same effect as a Cowboys fan trying to convince an Eagles fan that their team is best. Sometimes you’re born into your allegiance, and sometimes you choose it early on. But whatever your reasons may be for choosing your team, if you have a truck like the 2022 Ford F-350 Limited in your corner, it won’t matter much what anyone else has to say.