If you’re not moving forwards, you’re moving backwards. Of course, in terms of pure physics, that statement isn’t quite accurate. But we’ll suspend disbelief for the time being and focus more on the figurative version of that saying than perhaps the literal. In the automotive world, however, that statement is about as close to truth as there is. When the competition is so fierce that if you sit on your laurels for a single model year, you can lose millions of dollars in sales revenue. Your precious product will be passe faster than your cell phone, and the once leader of the pack will be hopelessly stumbling behind trying to play catchup. Now, most niches of the automotive industry can be like this, but the full-sized pickup truck market is, for one reason or another, the most competitive and cut throat segment out there, so it should be no real surprise that low-and-behold, we have yet another brand new edition to the population: the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

Sure, the name is the same, but since Dodge just put out a new RAM for 2019, it is only fitting that Chevy decided to also bow an updated model too. The ’19 Chevrolet Silverado is a drastic visual change from the outgoing model, with a much tougher looking front end, and a more stout and sturdy appearance overall. Of course, that sturdiness is more than skin deep. The new fully boxed high-strength steel frame is worlds more rigid than its predecessor, and provides a much better ride. The suspension has also been tweaked to provide a firm, yet comfortable cabin. The steering is improved as well, with a new electronic power steering system in place, there is enough feedback to keep the driver engaged, and thankfully has none of the numb on-center feel of trucks-gone-by. The system is very advanced, it can compensate for serious crosswinds without any driver input. it’s lane departure assistant now has a more gentle feel when it does a bit more than suggest you get back into lane, as opposed to the outgoing my-car-is-possessed jerk back into lane move of days gone by. Not bad. Thanks Chevy, glad you were paying attention.

Chevy made sure to include an optional engine for just about any and every potential customer need or desire in the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. There is a 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, a 3.0-liter Duramax diesel, as well as a pair of V8s in 5.2-lter and 6.2-liter guise. The 2.7 and 5.3-liter motors get power routed through an 8-speed automatic, while the other two engines get a ten-speed auto. The ten-speed is definitely the better of the two, as it shifts instantly, and has the ability to jump several gears at once, which is a nice departure from the stepped bucking of gear-to-gear progression. Thankfully, the one thing Chevy didn’t change was the use of its age old column shifter. Some things don’t need improving.

Another amazing feat is the newest iteration of Chevy’s cylinder deactivation system. The Dynamic Fuel Management in the V8 motors can chose from 17 unique cylinder patterns. The engines can be programed to run on as few as one cylinder depending on load and need. That’s right. One. Fuel mileage was the focus and goal with such diminutive cylinder usage numbers, and Chevy did have success. MPG estimates for the 5.3-liter 2WD are 17/23/19, while the 5.3-liter 4WD comes in at 16/22/18 and the 6.2-liter 4WD clocks in at 16/20/17 city/highway/combined respectively, all of which are a 1 mpg bump from last year.

Inside the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado doesn’t change drastically, but adds two USB-A and USB-C ports, while the 8-inch infotainment screen is a carryover. Interior cargo volume is up by 20 percent and rear passengers are treated to three extra inches of legroom. There is also an optional rear camera and heads up display that both prove very useful.

Prices for the new Chevrolet Silverado range from $32,500 to $56,600 depending on options and drivetrain choices. As one might expect, these prices coincide very closely with both the new RAM and current F-150. Chevy has clearly put its best foot forward with the 2019 Silverado, and with good reason, because if it was moving forward, it would be stepping backwards.


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