Finding perfection is a lot like falling in love. No one can tell you that you’re in love, but when you are, you instantly just know it through and through. Finding something that is perfect, or as close as humanly possible in this world, is a tireless quest that usually ends with someone feeling disappointed. But when something stumbles upon you, even if you weren’t seeking perfection, it can still be immediately obvious, which leads us inexorably to the 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Although the exterior updates may seem almost imperceptible to most, Porsche has tweaked the rear to look a little more muscular and streamlined, while the front end seems almost smile at you with large air ducts and it’s signature headlights. And it has every right to be smiling, because this thing is a rolling apocalypse to just about any other car on the planet.

Porsche went to town modifying the 3.0-liter flat-six in the Carrera and Carrera S. The result is a 3.7-liter all-aluminum, direct-injected DOHC twin-turbo flat-6 that seamlessly transitions from Bruce Banner to the Hulk almost instantly. The Turbo S’ engine was actually given a shorter stroke than the standard Turbo’s 3.8 liter engine. But that slightly less displacement isn’t something you’ll worry about when all 22.5 pounds of boost kick in.

Inspired by its older brother, the GT2 RS, the new bigger turbos are each mated to an exhaust manifold, and the intercoolers are a full 14 percent larger than the outgoing Turbo’s, and do an even more impressive job keeping things cool so that power has some room to breathe. The result? A mind and spleen bending 640-horsepower at 6,750 rpm and equally monstrous 590 lb-ft of torque at a scary low 2,500 rpm. Turbo lag is a thing of the past, as the Turbo S is ready to annihilate anything at just about any moment of your choosing. That power gets funneled through a slick-shifting 8-speed dual-clutch automatic, which the onboard computer then meters out to all four corners in varying amounts depending on road conditions and perceived traction to help put as much of that power to the ground as possible. Ensuring that grip is of the utmost importance, Porsche fit the Turbo S with Porsche-specific Pirelli P Zero NA1 tires that measure 255/35R20 up front and steam-roller-esq 315/30R21 out back.

Unless your daily driver is a LaFerrari or a Bugatti Chiron, you have never felt speed like the Turbo S. 0-60 mph comes and goes in a scalding 2.5 seconds, while 0-100 mph takes just 6.1 seconds (which is a quick 0-60 time for most cars), and then the quarter mile is eclipsed in a ridiculous 10.2 seconds on its way to a true top speed of 205 mph. Think this supercar can only go straight? Nope, that S can be symbolic of its track-readiness as it can hit an organ-shifting 1.10g around the skidpad.

To scrub off all that massive speed, Porsche elected to give the Turbo S its finest carbon-ceramic brakes, using ten, count’em ten, piston calipers up front and four-piston units out back that clamp down on a man-hole sized 16.5 inches up front, and 15.3 inches out back. And as if that wasn’t enough performance, the Turbo S isn’t a gas-guzzler either with a 16/23/19 city/highway/combined mpg. Sure, it won’t be confused for a Prius any time soon, and even though a Prius can double the Turbo S’ highway mpg, it would take six of those Toyota engines to match the one in the 911.

So again, if you have a Veyron at home, you might be as impressed with the 911 Turbo S, but when you see that it costs a fraction of your precious Bugatti with a base price of $204,850, it becomes that much harder to ignore the total package Porsche has brought to the table. Finding perfection is as difficult, and as easy as finding love. When it’s there, you know it, and with the Porsche 911 Turbo S, it’s become unquestionably clear that we have falling in love, with perfection.