We have to admit, we were wrong. We were all wrong. That’s not an easy thing to say, but it’s true. What are we talking about? Well, we’re not sure. There is a class of cars that have come around about a decade ago with cars/trucks like the Infinity FX35 and FX45, the BMW X6, and the now defunct Acura ZDX. And now, there is a newcomer to the class from Bimmer called the X4 M40i. We … don’t know what these vehicles are called. The best terminology we have heard is “crossover coupe”. They are mostly cars, but designed for, what we can only presume, are very indecisive customers that want an SUV, but can’t commit to something as off-roady as a Honda CRV.

The 2018 X4 M40i is mostly an X3, so that is to say, it’s small to begin with. It looks a lot like the 3, but where the back end of the X3 is more squared off, the X4 tapers off the back half of itself and ends up looking like either a four-door coupe with a lift, or an SUV that has been shrunken down and given a car rear end. What it really looks like, is what it is: a smaller X6. The M in the M40i helps this … car? Truck? Trark? Whatever it is, it performs. The M version adds things like a stiffer suspension including adjustable dampers, bigger brakes, launch control, summer performance tires in the form of Michelin Pilot Super Sports, and all-wheel drive systems that have a serious rear-wheel drive bias.

The X4 M240i, despite being diminutive in size, is not a lightweight by any means. Tipping the scales at 4,235 pounds, it has plenty of mass to deal with. But much like a NFL lineman, it may be heavy, but it knows how to handle its weight and throw it around. That toss-ability is in no small part due to the magnificent M engine under the hood. A very familiar DOHC 3.0-liter all-aluminum turbocharged inline-6 helps propel the X4 around the track in a hurry. That turbo six makes a legit 355-horsepower and equally impressive 343 lb-ft of torque. Backing up that power is a very smooth-shifting never-caught-out-of-gear 8-speed automatic transmission.

If there was any doubt that an M badged car/truck wouldn’t move, it seems pretty evident that a 0-60 mph time of a mere 4.6 seconds should quiet any of that noise. If not, maybe a mid-13 second quarter mile at just over 100 mph might do it too. And in pure hybrid (not that kind) fashion, this hot rod also sports a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. So hook up the trailer, and then get going! Of course towing might affect the X4’s fuel economy, which checks in at a fairly impressive 18/25/21 city/highway/combined mpg.

Inside the X4 is pure BMW. Plush leather compliments the tech-savvy cockpit that features a `10-inch infotainment screen and easy to find HVAC controls, even if BMW’s iDrive system still isn’t completely intuitive just yet. There is a 600 watt stereo system that powers out through 16 total speakers including two separate subwoofers. Heated front seats, heated mirrors, wireless charging, a navigation system, four one-touch power windows and Apple CarPlay round out the fun. There is a host of safety features as one might expect from the German carmaker, including active blind spot detection, forward collision warning, stability control, and emergency braking help keep everyone safe.

There is less than 18 cubic feet of storage space, and the sloping roof line does impede on taller passengers, but the X4 M240i isn’t for everyone. In fact, we aren’t sure who it is for. But, it is true, that someone — actually, a lot of someones are buying these trarks up. Even with a price of just over $60,000, the fact is that over the last four years, BMW has sold nearly 200,000 examples of varying X4’s worldwide. So, obviously, despite out initial opinions, a decade of proof later has shown us that we were wrong, and the X4 and its kind, are somehow right.

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