Maybe you’ve had an idea for a new landscaping company rattling around in your head for a while now, or maybe a tree trimming business, or what about that moving company you and your friends were going to start in college? Well, ideas are just ideas until you make them real, and to do that, oftentimes lots of people get hung up on the logistics. For example, “how am I going to transport all my tree cutting equipment?” Or, “I can’t really use my Prius as my primary moving vehicle, so what now?”. Well, thankfully, it’s never been easier to break into your new life. Chevrolet has just the truck for your, and possibly, many other jobs — the powerful Chevrolet 6500 XD. This massive hauler is the crown jewel of Chevy’s Low Cab Forward lineup and is ready, willing, and definitely able to work for you.

This versatile truck is ready for all sorts of possible upfits with up to eight different wheelbase setups that support box lengths of anywhere from 14 to 30 feet. The Low Cab Forward design not only allows for far superior visibility for the driver, making navigating highways as well as tight spaces much easier but also the cab-over setup allows for more storage and cargo space outback. Functionally, the interior’s main goal is to maximize your ability to be efficient. Chevrolet knows that the 6500 XD is more than just a vehicle, it is also your office, and sometimes lunch and meeting room too. The seatbacks fold down to allow for a useful desk area for paperwork or laptop usage, and there is plenty of storage space for files, contracts, and even lunch for the crew set about the cabin. The front doors open a full 90 degrees which makes ingress and egress easy, as do the wide entry steps that also have corning lamps for added visibility.

Power will never be an issue with the Chevrolet 6500 XD. The big 5.2-liter turbo-diesel 4-cylinder engine brings its lunch pale with it every day and is always ready for a challenge. This monster makes a legit 215-horsepower and massive 520 lb-ft of torque. That power is then funneled through an Allison 2550 Rugged Duty Series automatic transmission and then on to the powerful Dana rear axle before beings sent to the rear wheels for propulsion.

The Chevrolet 6500 XD comes out of the gate very well-equipped. Standard issue 22.5-inch wheels and tires make sure that you won’t be getting stuck in anyone’s driveway. The air brakes are also a standard issue and depending on what wheelbase you decide on, you get either a 50-gallon fuel tank or a full 100-gallon tank for the larger trims so you can be sure your workday will be spent working and not at the gas station every couple hours.

In terms of pure hauling numbers, the Chevrolet 6500 XD has what you need. It has a maximum gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 25,950 pounds with a front axle rating of 12,000 pounds to go along with its rear axle rating of 19,000 pounds.

One nice touch Chevy has added is that it has what they call a dedicated Upfitter Integration Group, which sounds like a pretty awesome business card in its own right. But this group was formed to act as a go-between connecting customers to GM’s engineering, marketing, and service staff and also Special Vehicle Manufacturers to help you and your business make the best upfit choices and tweaks as well as general help with the truck itself.

In terms of medium-duty cab-forward designs, the 6500 XD is not only stylish but tremendously capable. So no matter what your dream business may be, the 6500XD is ready to wake you up and get to work making that dream a reality.

Chevy 6500 XD Low Cab Forward

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