2020 Ford Transit Chassis Cab-Cutaway — In a world that has seemingly been defined by change in the year 2020, we are glad to report that this awakening and dissolution of outmoded has transcended the work of light duty commercial trucks as well. Long has it been that the ideas of comfort, technology, and work truck were all mutually exclusive. An electrician, or EMT, or carpenter would get into their leaf-spring saddled, slow, gas-guzzling truck, usually getting some kind of rug burn from the decrepit cloth seats, and go about their day. It used to be that the “work” in work truck was more regarding the amount of effort it took to drive one of these things all day more so than their role in the lives of their drivers’ careers.

But, for 2020 Ford has introduced us to the Ford Transit CC-CA which stands for Cutaway or Chassis Cab. The Chassis Cab works better for applications such as delivery box trucks, flatbed tows or basic utility, while the Cutaway can be used for things like shuttle busses, ambulances and even motorhomes. Despite their minor initial differences, these two are built from the same uniladder frame that makes for inexpensive upfitting and also happens to be incredibly strong.

With either of these trims, you have your choice of one of two engines. The standard engine has been revised for 2020, and is a 3.5-liter direct-injected V6 that produces a sizeable 275-horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. More than sufficient for your average Amazon deliver truck. But if more power is needed, you can upgrade to the enticing 3.5-liter Ecoboost V6 that tacks on twin turbochargers to make a peak of 310-horsepower and monstrous 400 lb-ft of torque. The sequential turbos are nicely timed and there is none of that archaic turbo-lag older motors are guilty of. No matter your choice in motor, that power gets routed through a new 10-speed automatic transmission. As you might expect, having ten gears to choose from helps get torque going down low, but also makes it easier to be fuel efficient on the highway. From there all those ponies get funneled into either the standard rear-wheel drive or Ford’s new Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System that makes working in any weather conditions far easier than it used to be. No more having some poor plumber getting their aging RWD van spinning their tires on a snowy January night, it is our opinion that the AWD option is well worth the upcharge. Another nice feature Ford baked into the Transit is making sure the addition of the AWD system didn’t raise the load floor or seat height, which is a small, but invaluable feature to someone with an aching back or legs after working for a full day.

Transits can also be had in either a single or dual-rear-wheel configuration, which allows for gross vehicle weight rating between 9,070-11,000 pounds and payload maximum of 4,420-6,400 pounds. So whatever your application, you will be able to get the job done. But getting the job done safely is another theme Ford has paid attention to with the CC-CA. Fitted with pre-collision assist that features automatic emergency braking is literally a life saver, as well as lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and auto high-beam headlights both come in handy for any multitasking driver.

You can have your Ford Transit in any of ten exterior color options and two cloth interior options, and even an option for leather interior, as well as a vinyl option for those looking for easy cleaning. Ford has something for everyone, and no matter what that something is, you’ll find that the new programmable upfitter interface module makes connecting electrical equipment to operate things like cranes, lifts, or tow beds much easier than ever before.

There are also a myriad of interior options you can check off to make your new Transit far more comfortable than any work truck you’ve had before. A 12V to 110V power inverter, an AM/FM audio system that not only has Bluetooth capability as well as SiriusXM, but an audio jack and a 8” color touchscreen navigation/infotainment screen.

Starting at just $30,635 for the Cutaway Cab and $31,205 for the Chassis Cab, the Ford Transit is ready, willing and more than able to meet just about any job you need it for, and you can finally do it in style. In an era of constantly evolving norms, some will tell you change is hard, but when it comes to work trucks, Ford made this 2020 change about as easy as can be.2020 Ford Transit Chassis Cab-Cutaway

2020 Ford Transit Chassis Cab-Cutaway