2023 Ram ProMaster — While the purpose of most work trucks is self explanatory, that doesn’t mean that owners still don’t want some semblance of style to make them feel a little better. Let’s face it, a good looking car will always seem like a better bang for the buck than a car that is an eyesore, no matter how well it performs or functions. The Ram ProMaster has been one of the most reliable and best performing work trucks out there since its inception. Any time Amazon decides to use you for their business, you know that you’re probably doing something right. But, the ProMaster has taken some heat in the recent past for being … well, less than aesthetically appealing shall we say? So for 2023, Ram has decided to try and tidy things up a bit, and give the old girl some a bit of a facelift and some new makeup to help its form keep up with its function.

The most obvious change for the new 2023 Ram ProMaster is the redesigned front end. Redesigned headlights have been thinned out and made a bit straighter, giving the truck quite a bit more personality, while also offering a substantial boost in lighting output. The standard halogen bulbs allow for fifteen percent better range, while the optional LED bulbs will give you a full fifty percent more range out on the road. When it comes to your business, safety should always be a priority, so we would advise any new owner to not think of the LED headlights as an option at all.

The front bumper has been tweaked significantly. Gone is the afterthought-looking bubble-bumper that made the ProMaster look more like a child’s toy truck, and in its stead is a new shapely piece that we can dare say even looks stylish. But it’s not just looks that makes this new bumper fun, there are also steps built into each side of the grill that allow you to climb up to change the windshield wipers, or wash off a full day of bug splatter from those hundreds of delivery runs.

If a van could have a middle name, the 2023 Ram ProMaster would be “Versatile”. With up to 19 possible different configurations, there isn’t a business in the world that the ProMaster cannot adapt to. While it debuted last year, the Crew Van option is still relatively new and throws in another row of seating that can hold up to three new passengers in a slightly elevated position. The brand-new for 2023 is something called a ‘super high roof’, which as you might imagine, adds a pretty seriously high roof to what was an already spacious cargo cabin. Only available on the max 13.5 foot length van, the super high roof tacks on a full 10 inches of vertical room. We can only imagine this will be useful for those that need to stand up straight in the cargo area, or maybe those that need to transport ladders, furniture, any number of Home Depot items too tall to fit in a normal van. That combined with five sidewall tie-downs and another 12 foldaway tie downs, there isn’t much this van can’t haul.

But, even with all its new visual changes, Ram decided not to change much of anything in terms of the powertrain. The tried-and-true 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 continues to be the workhorse company motor and remains the only engine option for the ProMaster. That power is then routed through a TorqueFlite 948TE nine-speed automatic transmission on its way to just the front wheels. There is still no all-wheel drive option for the ProMaster, which is a bit surprising, but we assume it has something to do with the fact that with the added weight of AWD, the 2023 Ram ProMaster wouldn’t be able to claim best-in-class payload.

But that’s just a conspiracy theory at this point … Ram also claims the ProMaster is best-in-class in max cargo width, load-floor height, standard interior cargo height, cargo volume, turning radius, and cargo width between wheel wells. Ram also offers up two new colors – Ceramic Grey and Spitfire Orange, as well as a very sporty looking Black Appearance Package that all help the 2023 Ram ProMaster look a bit more fun than you might initially expect it to be.

Official pricing is not available as of this writing, but we expect a base MSRP for the 2023 ProMaster will come in right around $37,000 to start. So while the ProMaster will never be confused with a Miata or Corvette in terms of fun and excitement, the 2023 version is certainly a bit more appealing, and certainly more fun to drive to a work site than one of those convertibles anyway.

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SOURCEPhotos & Source: Ram Trucks
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